Propane. It’s not just for outdoor grilling anymore. If you’re thinking about propane to fuel your home, consider these four reasons:

Propane is:

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Propane, approved under the Clean Air Act of 1990, is a clean alternative fuel. Gault Energy & Home Solutions’s propane is a low-carbon alternative fuel that produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than most other energy sources.

RELIABLE: Propane is a proven energy source homeowners can count on, even when the electrical grid is down. Gault Energy & Home Solutions’s on-site propane storage facility ensures that our customers will never run out of propane, regardless of inclement weather conditions.

AFFORDABLE: For Gault Energy & Home Solutions customers who are interested in reducing home energy costs, propane is an economical option. Not only does propane heat faster than electricity, propane-fired heating equipment is the most efficient heating equipment on the market today.

VERSATILE: Able to power almost every home appliance, propane is extremely versatile and convenient for homeowners. Propane can be used for home heating, water heating, cooking, clothes drying, fireplaces, generators and all of your outdoor amenities.

If you already have propane, converting your electric appliances to propane units is quick, affordable and simple.  Gault Energy & Home Solutions is here for all of your propane needs, from installation to fuel delivery. Call Gault Energy & Home Solutions at 203.227.5181 or email us at info@gaultenergy.com for more information.