Gault Energy & Home Solutions understands that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is not good for anyone’s health. Poor ventilation (lack of outside air), temperature control challenges and high or low humidity can have an impact on your home’s IAQ. Contaminants such as dust, mold, cleaning supplies, pesticides or other airborne chemicals can also contribute to poor IAQ.

Gault Energy & Home Solutions’s service does not end with simply heating and cooling your home; we want you to be healthy while you’re inside it as well. Gault Energy & Home Solutions offers ventilation, purification and air quality systems that help control and improve the IAQ in your home.

Find out more about these and other ways to improve your home air quality. Call one of our Gault Energy & Home Solutions customer care team members at 203.227.5181 or email us at info@gaultenergy.com.