With new construction in Fairfield County continually on the rise, it is important to take note that propane has become the fuel of choice for builders in this area. Propane allows for convenience of on-site storage, use of the most efficient equipment and versatility in its application which not only benefits a builder during construction but ultimately the homeowner. 


  1. On-Site Storage: Propane tanks used for whole house heating as well as many other amenities are buried underground at the home allowing for better aesthetics. On-site storage also guarantees adequate gas pressure as well as ample supply.


  1. Efficient Equipment: Propane-fired furnaces have a minimum AFUE rating of 90%, the highest requirement for a piece of heating equipment on the market today. In comparison, an electric furnace has a minimum AFUE rating of 78%, meaning 22% of the fuel is wasted in heating the home.


  1. Versatility: Propane can be used for the following home functions
    • Heating: Cost-efficient with more comfortable and consistent warmth
    • Water Heating: Faster hot water with up to 50% cost savings in comparison to electric options
    • Cooking: The joy and control of cooking just like the professionals in a gas oven and on a gas range
    • Clothes Drying: Faster drying for up to 20% reduced energy use
    • Fireplaces: Significantly warmer and more energy efficient than electric or wood
    • Generators: Standby generators to power the entire home
    • Outdoor Amenities: Grills, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fireplaces, pool heaters, patio heaters and even decorative lampposts


The benefits of propane to a homeowner are endless and allows for the ease of relying on just one company for all their energy needs. Gault has a team of knowledgeable propane experts that are here to answer any questions you or a client may have in regards to propane.


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