Buying propane with Gault Energy & Home Solutions is efficient, easy and inexpensive. Because we maintain our own 120,000, gallon storage facility, Gault Energy & Home Solutions not only ensures our customers always have fuel when they need it, we also protect against market price volatility, seasonal and otherwise.

Enrolling in one of Gault Energy & Home Solutions’s propane price programs is easy. Call us at 203.227.5181 to guide you through the process or email us at


Gault Energy & Home Solutions knows that choosing a price program can be confusing. We’d like the opportunity to discuss your options with you. Please read about our program options below, and then call one of our Customer Care Representatives to decide which program best suits your needs.


With Gault Energy & Home Solutions’s Float Price program:

  • The price of propane goes up or down based on current market conditions.
  • This program performs particularly well in stable or even declining market conditions.
  • This is Gault Energy & Home Solutions’s most competitive offer to customers and there is neither an enrollment fee required nor a minimum gallon requirement to meet in order for eligibility.


With the Fixed Price program:

  • You have a set price that does not fluctuate with market conditions, whether up or down.
  • Gault Energy & Home Solutions’s Fixed Price program performs well in markets whose conditions are stable or increasing.
  • In order to be eligible for the Fixed Price program, customers are required to secure and lock in the price for a set time period.
  • It is imperative for customers to know ahead of time that their price WILL NOT GO DOWN even if market rates plummet. Therefore, customers who chose this program must have an appetite for some level of risk.