There are some easy steps to take before calling Gault Energy & Home Solutions to service equipment you think might be malfunctioning.

If your heating system is not working, please be sure you have checked the following items:

  • First, make sure your thermostats are in heat mode and set above room temperature.
  • Next, check the gauge on your oil or propane tank to ensure that you are not out of fuel and check your electrical breaker to make sure it is not turned off.
  • You should also make sure that the heating system burner switches are in the on position. The switches are located at the top of the basement stairs or outside of the utility or mechanical room, and on the heating system itself.
  • Once you’ve verified that all of the switches are on, you can try to reset the furnace or boiler.
  • To reset your system, locate the red reset button on the heating system itself. The button is located towards the bottom of the system.
  • Press and hold down the reset button for 5 seconds and then release.
  • The system should start automatically within 10 seconds.
  • If the system does not turn on, please call a Gault Energy & Home Solutions Customer Care Representative to schedule a service call.

If your air conditioning system is not working, please be sure you have checked the following items:

  • Make sure your thermostats are in cool mode and set below room temperature.
  • Check for any signs of ice on the outside unit. If there is ice, the outside unit should be turned off and the ice needs to melt before a service technician can be sent to the home.
  • Make sure all furnace and air handler switches are on as well as all circuit breakers.

If your equipment continues to malfunction after you’ve followed these steps, or if you’re experiencing an emergency, please call Gault Energy & Home Solutions at 203.227.5181.

Or, click here to see a video featuring steps you can take to get your equipment back up and running.