Gault Energy & Home Solutions offers cooling protection plans that save money and prevent equipment breakdowns.

Among the benefits of Gault Energy & Home Solutions’s cooling protection plans are:

  • Saving money on costly repairs resulting from lack of regular system maintenance.
  • Reducing likelihood that equipment will malfunction during severe weather conditions.
  • Extending lifetime of cooling equipment.
  • Peace of mind knowing Gault Energy & Home Solutions is available for emergency repair, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In order to keep your house cool and your air conditioning running at peak efficiency throughout the summer, we start with our 18-point precision tune-up, which includes the following:

  • Check refrigerant charge and measure operating pressures and temperatures.
  • Test compressor operating voltage and amperage.
  • Lubricate and check all motors.
  • Check fan belts and adjust if needed.
  • Replace standard one-inch air filters or wash electronic air cells.
  • Check condenser coil.
  • Check and flush condensate drain.
  • Check electrical connections and wiring.
  • Check crank case heater.
  • Check and flush condensate pump.
  • Test pressure cutout switches.
  • Check thermostat for proper operation.
  • Check compressor-starting contactor.
  • Check condenser blade and motor bearings.
  • Check blower wheel and bearings.
  • Check condenser electrical disconnect switch.
  • Check evaporator coil (if accessible).
  • Check controls and safety switches.

In addition to receiving our 18-point precision tune-up, you will also receive:

  • 15% discount on all repairs.
  • 24-hour emergency service .
  • Two-hour response window.
  • $50 in annual loyalty credits.

Air Handler Protection Plan for Heating Season

While your cooling system’s air handler tune-up is included with the purchase of either of our Cooling Protection Plans, you may want to consider purchasing additional air handler coverage when it is also in use during the heating season on Hydro Heating systems. This includes the following protection during winter months:

  • ONE (1) precision tune-up.
  • 15% discount on all repairs.
  • 24-hour emergency service.
  • Two-hour response window.
  • $25 in annual loyalty credits.

Enrolling in a cooling protection plan is quick and simple. You can call one of our Gault Energy & Home Solutions customer care team members at 203.227.5181 or email