Gault Energy & Home Solutions is proud to offer energy-efficient and low-cost indirect water heaters. One of the most energy-efficient, low-cost systems available today, indirect water heaters use a storage tank and heat from your boiler or furnace to provide hot water, which is moved by the water heater into a storage tank — like a traditional water heater — where hot water is kept until needed.

Gault Energy & Home Solutions trusts Bock hot water heaters, which are designed and proven to produce hot water by maximizing heat use and minimizing heat loss. Bock is the most effective, advanced and energy-efficient water heater available. Bock hot water heaters feature TURBOFLUE construction, which:

  • Through the use of interior fins, increase heating surface for minimal chimney heat loss.
  • Reduces standby losses through the use of heavy steel, which keeps heat inside.
  • Utilizes “CGlass,” a high-quality porcelain enamel lining.
  • Features a high-efficiency burner with two magnesium anode rods that maximize tank life and inhibit corrosion.

Features long-lasting brick combustion chamber that delivers a concentrated, even flame to TURBOFLUE, and it retains heat longer after burner shut-off.

Abundant hot water with the Heat-Flo Indirect Water Heater: The Model 40 takes the full output of a 150,000 BTU boiler, giving you over 150 gallons per hour of hot water. This compares to only 20 gallons per hour for a typical 4.5 KW electric water heater, and only 33 gallons per hour for a typical gas-fired water heater. The Model HF-40 1st hour rating is 190 gallons. For an electric water heater to produce 190 gallons in the 1st hour, it would need to be a 187-gallon tank!
HTP’s Super Stor indirect water heaters offer lifetime warranties and are super energy efficient. They are cost-effective ways to heat water because they eliminate the tremendous flue losses associated with gas-fired storage water heaters, without the hassles and extra costs of tankless gas water heaters. When used with a modern, high-efficiency boiler, these energy savings hold true even in the summer, when your boiler isn’t needed for heat.
The Vaughn Top Performer Plus Indirect Water Heater combines advanced engineering and Hydrastone cement lining to provide the industry’s longest-lasting and most reliable indirect water heater. The high-efficiency design includes a factory-installed and field-removable, all-copper heat exchanger coil to provide maximum hot water output while significantly reducing mineral buildup. The Vaughn industry-leading technologies include an electronic thermostat with adjustable differential to ensure delivery of highly accurate and consistent hot water. The advanced tank design utilizes a Hydrastone cement lining for long life and is insulated with polyurethane foam for high efficiency and the lowest stand-by heat loss rating in the industry. Time-proven components, advanced engineering, long- lasting tank and high-efficiency design all make the Vaughn Top Performer Plus Indirect Water Heater the preferred choice for your water heating needs.