Gault Energy & Home Solutions is proud to carry, sell and service only the highest quality heating systems available on the market. Please contact us if you have any questions about any of the brands we carry, and one of our comfort specialists will be glad to help.

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Gault Energy & Home Solutions offers products that increase efficiency and can lower your fuel bill. And these products are at the heart of every Armstrong solution in steam, air or hot water.
Gault Energy & Home Solutions recommends Biasi products to heat your home. Featuring adaptable, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly boilers and radiant heating systems, Biasi products are also competitively priced.

An integrated system, the Accel CS™ is an efficient wall-hung boiler, which means it produces both heat and hot water. The Accel CS™ wall-hung boiler is a single, high-efficiency appliance that delivers the best in comfort and efficiency. The advanced design optimizes condensing operation and recovers more quickly from night setback. The result is lower fuel bills and comfortable warmth for living spaces, plus nearly endless hot water for showers, kitchen, bath and laundry.

Gault Energy & Home Solutions is proud to sell the Accel CS™, which is recognized as the most efficient of ENERGY STAR appliances.

Gault Energy & Home Solutions proudly sells and installs the EK System 2000 for your home. It is the very best in energy efficiency, saving customers up to 40% or more on the fuel they use to heat their homes and hot water. The System 2000 runs on heating oil, propane or natural gas. Among the benefits of System 2000 include its compact design, ultra-quiet operation, an above 85% efficiency rating and a limited lifetime warranty. Additionally, Gault Energy & Home Solutions is one of very few dealers who are trained experts on this revolutionary system.
Experience, technology and innovation. That’s why Gault Energy & Home Solutions carries Peerless products. Peerless is a top manufacturer in the hydronic heating industry that offers boilers in many sizes and variations with options to fit all your heating needs. Plus, many Peerless residential boilers are ENERGY STAR® compliant – an important factor in today’s economic climate and volatile fuel costs.
If you’re looking for a high-efficiency stainless steel, wall-mounted gas boiler, Gault Energy & Home Solutions recommends you look no further than the Prestige Triangle Tube. The Prestige Wall Mounted Boiler –at 95% efficiency – proves that comfort does not have to come with a high price tag.
Gault Energy & Home Solutions is proud to carry Regal Star Furnaces, which are made with quality and pride in Boylertown, PA. Regal products are designed for the low-profile needs of today’s homes. Most systems feature fue-efficiency ratings of more than 86%, which can qualify owners for energy rebates. Regal products’ signature front or rear flue design are both ideal for retrofitting furnaces to accommodate today’s energy-efficient needs. Packed and delivered in rugged wooden crates, Regal Star Furnaces feature limited lifetime warranties, as well as a five-year parts warranty.
Respected for reliability, Ruud is an industry leader for total heating, cooling and water heating solutions. Gault Energy & Home Solutions is proud to carry Ruud products, which meet or exceed rigorous industry and regulatory standards for quality, reliability, efficiency and air and water quality.
Gault Energy & Home Solutions trusts Thermo Pride products, all of which are hand-built to the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Thermo Pride provides a full range of energy saving heating and cooling products to meet your home’s needs.
Gault Energy & Home Solutions trusts Trane’s heating products. Each of Trane’s products —from furnaces to air handlers and heat pumps — are built to withstand years of use and exceed expectations. Gault Energy & Home Solutions is confident selling Trane heating products: they are systems designed to last.
Gault Energy & Home Solutions isn’t alone in recommending Weil-McLain hydronic boilers and indirect-fired water heaters. Architects, engineers and contractors rely on Weil-McLain for their heating needs. Made in the USA and installed in homes throughout North America, Weil-McLain is among the most respected brands in the building industry. An ENERGY STAR®-rated boiler, it runs above 85% efficiency and is available for both heating oil and natural gas.
Gault Energy & Home Solutions carries a full line of Utica home heating products. Utica products are designed, tested and assembled to ensure that our customers get the very best in home heating comfort and value. The complete line of gas- and oil-fired products has earned a reputation for exceptional quality, performance and dependability. Utica boilers also come with a limited lifetime warranty.