Many home energy customers want to protect themselves with assurance against rising energy prices. Gault Energy & Home Solutions’s Cap program helps do just that. The Cap program creates a ceiling price that will not be exceeded no matter how high oil prices increase, but it also allows the price to decrease when oil prices decline. Customers must specify the amount of gallons they want to protect during the program selection process. In order for Gault Energy & Home Solutions to secure the Cap Price for our customers, we are committed to purchase oil futures contracts with our suppliers, thus an enrollment fee is in place. The enrollment fee varies depending on the amount of home heating oil you use each winter. The typical household, which uses 1,200 gallons per year, pays an annual enrollment fee of less than $300, which is $25 a month, or 83 cents — less than a cup of coffee — per day. This is our best and most popular program. It protects customers against rising prices while allowing them to take advantage of falling prices at the same time.

With the CAP Price program:

  • Price is locked at a ceiling, but allows movement downward if market price declines
  • Performs well when market conditions move either up or down dramatically
  • Specific gallons required 
  • Price protection fee is required to create the ceiling price and to allow a lower price when the market declines