Our current rate is: twelve-month fixed rate at $.0999/kWH

Current Cash Back Savings: $100 ($50 after one month of service, $50 after six months of service)

When you choose Gault Power by Verde Energy USA, you receive only one utility bill, which will be generated by your current local utility company. The only difference is the supplier charge will now reflect the rate of Verde Energy USA.

Your switch to Gault Power is seamless and free, and your local utility company will continue to deliver power to you as well as provide all servicing.

To become a Gault Power by Verde Energy USA customer, simply call us today at 203.227.5181.

Cash Back Savings Program: Once you see Verde Energy USA as the supplier on your electric bill (after approximately 2 billing cycles), send us a copy of the bill, along with a completed cash back savings form, to the address on the form. You will receive a check within four to six weeks of receipt.