With winter weather upon us, please remember to take the following actions in order to ensure uninterrupted delivery and service.



  • Make sure your driveway is clear of snow at a width of at least 10 ft. so our trucks can safely maneuver
  • Clear a path to and around your fill pipe so our driver can make deliveries
  • Make sure your walkways are shoveled so our technicians can access your home safely
  • Be sure the cap for your buried propane tank has been cleared so we can locate and access it
  • For homeowners with generators, clear at least 2 ft. around the entire unit

For more information and safety tips, take a look at our ‘how-to’ videos here.

Gault Energy & Home Solutions top priorities are serving our customers and keeping our employees safe. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

203.227.5181 | info@gaultenergy.com